Uninvited guest of Karaganda family

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25 July, 2018, 12:29 208
Uninvited guest of Karaganda family

The rescue service had to visit the place of appearance three times.

Information about discovering a snake at one of the apartments of a multi-storeyed house in Karaganda was posted on Instagram, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

The snake was discovered in the center of the kitchen by an elderly woman.

“Today in the early morning my grandmother discovered a snake in the kitchen in the middle of the room, which instantly crawled behind the stove. To say that we were shocked - do not say anything! Without thinking for a long time, I called the emergency number 112 and informed about our find. The service arrived quite quickly, but the snake seemed to have evaporated! Not finding an uninvited guest, the service left, " a woman shared her emotions in the public skandal.krg.

After 20 minutes, the animal has appeared and the family again called the emergency service, but this time the snake disappeared.

After that, the owners decided to take everything into their own hands. We disassembled half of the headset, pushed the oven away, and then found the animal.

"This time calling the emergency service, they watched that the snake did not disappear again. After arriving the rescue service finally caught a snake!   The snake hissed and threw herself, feeling that she had been disturbed,"  a citizen of Karaganda told.