Unique gold jewelry of Late Bronze Age discovered in Akmola region

14 June, 2018, 18:12 312
Unique gold jewelry of Late Bronze Age discovered in Akmola region

Among the findings are two gold and one bronze bracelet, as well as beads of bronze.

Gold jewelry related to the late bronze era was found during the expedition of the Center for the Protection and Use of Historical and Cultural Heritage in the Zerendinsky district of the Akmola region, BNews.kz correspondent reports. The expedition excavations cover three mounds of the Zerendinsky district, with diameters of eight and nine meters.

“Four burial chambers were discovered at one of the mounds and three of them turned to be fraudulent, that is, empty. And two bracelets of gold and one of bronze were found in the fourth. Gold jewelry is in very good condition, bronze - in a satisfactory," chief expert of the Center for the protection and use of the historical and cultural heritage of the Akmola region Serik Iskakov.

The findings are attributed to the Late Bronze Age, to the Alakol period - 7-8th centuries BC. 

“Besides, the bronze beads were excavated in another mound. The bones of that person who had carried the beads were not found. We assume that they belonged to a noblewoman: in those days, bronze was very much appreciated," Iskakov explained.

The interlocutor of the agency also stressed: for the territory of all three burial mounds where the expedition was held, the cremation of the dead was typical.

"The bodies were burned, together with the clothing and all the accessories of the dead persons. Burning in the ancient view corresponded to the law of renewal of nature, the revival of a new life. Therefore, we found only unburned fragments, for example, a bronze bracelet found on fragments of the hand. As for the golden jewelry were found near the remains of the skull," the speaker noted.

The findings will be submitted for study to the Akmola Historical and Local History Museum.

It should be noted, Serik Iskakov, stressed the main goal of the expedition is excavations, rather than security and rescue operations.

The expedition’s time frame is June 4 -July 4. Students of  State University named after Sh.Ualikhanov and A.Myrzakhmetov University work in the composition of the expedition. Later, cadets-rescuers of the Kokshetau Technical Institute and schoolchildren of the 10th-11th grades will join it.

It is interesting, Akmolinsky archaeologists had found the bronze age decorations five years ago, in 2013. A set of women's gold jewelry was found on the site of the Sarkyrama settlement of Sandyktau district, neighboring with Zerendinsky area. Then a generic crypt was found in the same place, near the village of Krasnaya Polyana. The archaeologists made a conclusion about the time - the transition from the Neolithic to the extreme bronze.

At the site of this settlement, archaeologists discovered the remains of three women buried in the embryo pose. It is noteworthy that one of the warriors was two-meter tall, and she wore rare insignia. Gold earrings, rings, and pendant found there did not fade, despite centuries of being under the ground. Archaeologists predict that a lot of historical monuments will be found in the area. And today's findings - a vivid evidence of this fact.  

It is interesting 1793 monuments of history and culture, among which four of national importance located in the Akmola region. At the same time, 976 are monuments of archeology.

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