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Unique sort of wheat created by scientists in Kyzylorda

26 February, 17:15 185
Unique sort of wheat created by scientists in Kyzylorda

In the region, wheat for the milling industry will be grown.

Now in the region wheat is grown with a low content of gluten, about 14%, and the harvest is used to produce fodder for livestock. The local farmers do not grow wheat for flour to bake breads, this requires the sorts that could withstand the dry climate. Scientists of the Scientific Research Institute of rice, who created a variety of wheat "Zarina" for growing in the climatic conditions of the Aral Sea area, decided to change the situation, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

According to information of Scientific Research Institute of rice LLP named after I. Zhakhaeva, half a ton of seeds of the new sort of wheat “Zarina” is ready to be sowe, the work on which has been conducted since 2002. The sort was created and sent to state testing by LLP scientists together with colleagues from the Almaty Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, and this is wheat of the food direction. The content of gluten and lysine is more than 30%.

The theme of creating varieties of crops adapted to the sharply continental climate of the Aral Sea is urgent, as the region has taken a course to diversify crop production. As before, a lot of rice is planted in the region, but the areas for fodder, grain crops, vegetables, and gourds are increased. In 2017, wheat areas, for example, on the agrarian map of the region increased by 961 hectares, as demand for fodder for agricultural animals increased. In 2018 it is planned to increase them by another 165 hectares.

"Over the past three years, forages for fodder and oilseeds have increased by more than six thousand hectares," said Bahyt Zhakhanov, head of the regional agricultural department, "There is an impetus for the development of potato, vegetable and melon production on an industrial basis. This year this work will continue ".

In general, the AIC is one of the drivers of the economy of Kyzylorda region.

"In the main capital of the agro-industrial complex over the past five years, only according to official statistics, almost 11 billion tenge was invested," said Governor of Kyzylorda region Krymbek Kusherbayev. "And if in 2013 agricultural producers contributed only 215 million tenge to the agro-industrial complex, in 2017, this figure exceeded 5 billion tenge, which indicates the growth of financial opportunities for our agricultural producers, their development, and for several years we have fixed the growth in agricultural production and in 2017 by 4.1%."