Universiade-2017: Competition preview for February 8

08 February, 2017, 09:52 961
Universiade-2017: Competition preview for February 8

Today the last competitions of Universiade-2017 in Almaty will take place. The final of man's ice hockey, mass start of men` s cross country skiing, and also the official closing ceremony of competitions in the evening will be shown, Vesti.kz reports.

In the last day of Universiade the audience can see:

Sport: Cross-country skiing. Mass start. Men (30 km);

Who: Alexander and Sergey Malyshevy, Vitaly Pukhkalo, Olzhas Klimin, Daulet Rakhimbayev;

When: The beginning is at 10:00 a.m – on time of Astana


Sport: Ice hockey. Men. Match for the third place;

Who: Canada - the Czech Republic

When: Beginning is at 11:00 a.m (Habar TV channel)


Sport: Ice hockey. Men. Final.

Who: Kazakhstan - Russia

When: Beginning is at 03:00 p.m (Habar TV channel)


07:00 p.m - the official closing ceremony of Universiade 2017 (Kazakhstan and Habar TV channels)


Cross-country skiing will take place in the cross-country skiing complex Alatau. Men's ice hockey will take place on Halyk Arena. The closing ceremony of the Universiade-2017 will be possible to see in the ice arena Almaty Arena.

For all fans the bus routes to sporting facilities are organized. Transport departures according to the schedule in three stations of the city: Central stadium, Sayakhat bus station and railway station of Almaty-1.

Let's add that today, in February 7, Kazakhstan athletes have the following records: three bronze medals in short track, gold, silver and bronze in biathlon, and also bronze in cross-country skiing.

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