Up to 200 Kazakhstan's athletes arrive at Asian Games in Jakarta

16 August, 2018, 15:17 1081
Up to 200 Kazakhstan's athletes arrive at Asian Games in Jakarta

The ceremony of raising of Kazakhstan's flag has been held on August 16. 


Kazakhstan's delegation of athletes arrived at the Asian Games in Jakarta, BNews.kz correspondent reports with a reference to a press service of the National Olympic Committee. 

Official arrival of the athletes started with the flag-raising ceremony. 

"Today in the solemn circumstances the flag of our state was raised in the athletes' village of the Asian Games. It means that the competitions are close, despite that competitions in many sports have started. Our team have arrived in Indonesia on schedule. More than 200 athletes have already been accomodated in Jakarta and Palembang, hold their final trainings. Wish them luck. Represent Kazakhstan with dignity," said head of the Sports Directorate of the National Olympic Committee Yelsiyar Kanagatov. 

Credit: press servce of Kazakhstan's National Olympic Committee

Deputy Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan Yeldos Ramazanov also wished success to the athletes, and noted that all of them were presented with the quality conditions to train for the continental starts. 

The solemn ceremony was also attended by one of the leaders of Kazakhstan's artistic gymnastics Milad Karimi. The athlete promised to thy his best to raise the flad again during an award ceremony. 

"We arrived in Jakarta yeasterday and accomodated in the athletes' village. The mood is great, we will start to compete on August 20. I will perform at the Asian Games for the first time. I felt such an atmosphere during the Universiade. Here it is almost the same. We arrive here as one team. I am proud to represent my country. We will try our best to raise our flag again," said the gymnast. 

Credit: press service of Kazakhstan's National Olympic Committee 

The Asian Games start on August 18. The competitions will be held in two cities Jakarta and Palembang. 

The national team of Kazakhstan is represented by 440 athletes, of whom, 404 athletes will fight for medals in 25 Olympic sports in 37 disciplines. 15 teams have already been accomodated in the athletes' village, and in Palembang - four Olymic sports teams. 

Total 462 sets of medals will be played at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta (Indonesia), of which, 363 will be played in Olympic sports.  

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