US choreographers to give master classes in Astana

24 July, 2018, 10:16 217
US choreographers to give master classes in Astana

The master classes will be held in frames of Central Asian Dance Festival.

Best dancers of Central Asia and the US came to attend the opening ceremony of the Central Asian Dance festival, correspondent reports with a reference to the organizers of the Festival. 

It is known that during the festival there will be two-week international master classes with the participation of world-renowned choreographers from the United States of America, among them Pilkington Catherine, Compton Tara, etc. Leading choreographers will conduct a skill-up for participants in neoclassical ballet, contemporary, modern, improvisation, broadway, jazz, hip-hop, as well as photo-video choreography and art-management.

According to the organizer of the festival Merey Zeinesh 100 best dancers have been chosen for the master classes following of which gala concert Creativity against violence will be presented on August 5.  The feature of the festival is the participation of the best professionals in this field. It should be noted the US Embassy allocated 50 grants for Kazakhstan’s regions, 30 -for Astana residents and 20 for representatives of C Asia.  The participants of the event will have an opportunity to  know more about  techniques for incorporating the basic American dance forms into your curriculum and arm yourself with extensive knowledge in the field of marketing and communications, as well as tools for movies, photography and contemporary digital art that form today the most important marketing component of the success of any business.

The two-week event will be a sort of a base for sharing of intercultural and professional experience and contribute the development o neoclassical and contemporary choreography in Central Asia region.