USD&RUB sales decreased in Kazakhstan

11 July, 2018, 13:13 196
USD&RUB sales decreased in Kazakhstan

However, Euro gained great popularity among the Kazakhstanis.

Net sales of US dollars and Russian rubles at the exchange offices decreased in this May, herewith there was a growth of the euro sales, reports.

This May, Kazakhstanis bought US dollars in exchange offices for 32.8 billion tenge It is more than the number of sales. The volume of net sales decreases from the beginning of the year, while the official average monthly exchange rate increases the second time for the month and amounted to 328.3 tenge per 1 USD.

In regards of the situation with the Russian rubles, the volume of the net sales fell for the first time in 2018 and amounted to 61.8 billion tenge in May in comparison with 77.3 billion tenge in April. The average ruble exchange rate for the month of May was 5.3 tenge (in April - 5.4 tenge).

The volume of net sales of the euro is growing for the third month in a row and amounted to 26.2 billion tenge in May. The euro exchange rate in May averaged 388.5 tenge, which is less than in April - 399.2 tenge.

Net sales of exchanges offices. May 2018 (billion tenge)

In May the volume of US dollars sales exceeded the volume of buying in four regions of Kazakhstan – Astana, Akmola, Pavlodar and East Kazakhstan. Last year there were two regions only. Among the regions with the volume of US dollars sales exceeding the volume of buying are Almaty-22.3 billion tenge, South Kazakhstan (Turkestan region)-10.4 billion tenge and Atyrau region-5.2 billion tenge.  

A volume of US dollars' sales. May 2018 (billion tenge)

The Russian rubles are unpopular just in Kyzylorda region. The difference between sales and buying is 0.3 billion tenge.

East Kazakhstan region has leading positions in net sales volume -7.4 billion tenge. The next one is West Kazakhstan -6.9 billion tenge and Karaganda region bottomed the list -5.7 billion tenge.

A volume of Russian rubles sales. May 2018 (billion tenge )

Euro is popular all over the country. The highest volume of net sales of the euro in Almaty  - 13.1 billion tenge, the next is Astana - 3.5 billion tenge.  Karaganda region is the third - 1.7 billion tenge.

A volume of Euro sales. May 2018 (billion tenge )