EEU discusses implementation of 40 logistics projects with China

18 May, 2018, 10:12 341
EEU discusses implementation of 40 logistics projects with China

At the Astana Economic Forum, an agreement on trade and economic cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Union and its member states with China was concluded, correspondent reports.

“It is a fundamental agreement that facilitates to the interaction between economic entities of our states. For the first time, we create interaction mechanisms that protect mechanisms of our business, considers the issues of technical regulation, standards, interaction in sectorial directions at the ministerial level,” said Tigran Sarisyan.

He noted that the agreement will facilitate to the creation of a real subject that will promote business interests in the Chinese market.

“It is not a secret that our business expresses interest in regulation, administration, technical regulation, restrictive measures. The agreement will allow to interact with authorities and to create favourable for our business and interests of our business will be secured. Taking into account that China is one of the drivers of the global economic growth, it is certain that it is the market that interests us with an effective demand. Our enterprises are certainly interested to enter the dynamically developing market. It is for certain that it has a serious potential of growth for all EEU economies,” said Sakisyan.

According to him, businessmen from the EEU ask to resolve the issues of the normative acts that regulate China’s entry to the market and the creation of equal competitive conditions in this market.

“Megaprojects are planned in logistics, the creation of new transport opportunities, because the volumes of transportation should increase by several times. It implies that our infrastructure should be ready to it. In addition, we should create an infrastructure of services that make it possible to create added value, as well as to leave it in the country. Megaprojects mean that our five states should be involved as well as China. And they are the world-scale projects in terms of transit and transportation. Nowadays, we with China discuss 40 logistic projects on transport, we have agreed these projects with the Ministries of Transport of our states. We have agreed that they are of a mutual interest and can be discussed with our Chinese partners as the projects in which all participants are interested,” said Tigran Sarkisyan.