We should cooperate in the name of peaceful existence - Muslim World League

11 October, 2018, 13:12 477
We should cooperate in the name of peaceful existence - Muslim World League

The Representative of the Muslim World League has urged religious confessions to bring efforts together to reserve a peaceful existence. 


Munkiz Mahmoud As-Sakkar, the Adviser to the Secretary-General of the Muslim World League (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) delivered his speech at the 6th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions taking place in Astana these days, BNews.kz correspondent reports.  

In his speech, he outlined the words of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, that say regardless of the achievements of humanity, conflicts continue to arise. According to the Adviser, it is because the International COmmunity ails to create a necessary mechanism to protect human rights. 

"Every war causes deaths and injuries of thousands of people, people lose homes increasing the existing tragedies. It proves the need to find the right mechanism by the International Community that will ensure the rights and will protect those suffering from injustice. It possibly happens only because we, religious leaders, do not fulfil our duty. Because there is not the spirit leading to wise humanity that protects justice," said Munkiz Mahmoud As-Sakkar. 

According to him, today's world is all about that interests protected by political figures who are far from moral values.

"Today, the law of the strongest prevails on this Earth, and we should bring humanity back to the good. (...) Thus, we can say that only religion is key to all issues. It is a religion that can confront these and bring the good. And we must not accept and follow the two sides calling for a conflict. We should cooperate with the aim of peaceful existence that will lead our society to the better good and will enable to prevent the polarization we have these days. I hope our efforts will be successful," said As-Sakkar. 

During his speech, he congratulated Kazakhstan on the success facilitated by the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Astana. 

"This Congress remains one of the important religious sites of international level that brings together religious leaders. During their every meeting, they add their obligations to preserve the achievements of the modern material civilization with those so that the site is associated with spiritual values ensuring its stability. And, it is very essential these days," said the Advisor. 

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