What is your suggestions? Nazarbayev on Pavlodar rgn’s issue of concern

17 July, 2018, 15:46 259
What is your suggestions? Nazarbayev on Pavlodar rgn’s issue of concern

This kind of question was asked by President of Kazakhstan during meeting with governor of Pavlodar region Bolat Bakauov.

The issue of concern – regional water supply system came up during the working trip of the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev to Pavlodar region. Governor of the region has reported activity worked in this field, BNews.kz correspondent informs.

“76 % of 370 settlements of region provided for the centralized water supply. The lowest figure in Bayanaul. However, it should be mentioned the mains underwent some wear. What is your suggestions? Nursultan Nazarbayev asked.

In turn, Bolat Bakauov answered the work in this field is well underway.

“The water supply system in the region is an issue of concern. Today the water supply indicator reached 23% in comparison with 19%   two years ago. It should be noted 365 kilometers were laid last year. Taking into account that fact 277 kilometers have laid due to the support of the Republican budget and your personal assistance. By the way lack of water supply system in Bayanaul since the period of Soviet Union. Today the water supply in this area is under construction,”  the governor assured.

Bakauov also stressed that in addition, at the expense of the regional budget in small settlements are also working on water supply. According to him, 70% of works will be completed till the 2021 year.

While his working trip to Pavlodar region Nursultan Nazarbayev has familiarized with a number of industrial facilities.

Thus today July 17, 2018, the head of state visited Kazenergocabel JSC to look up the technology of production of cable and conductor products and prospects for the development of the enterprise, samples of finished products, supplied to domestic and foreign markets.

Besides, the President got acquainted with the technological process of production of alloyed aluminum and light alloy wheels in GiessenHaus LLP. During the visit, the President of Kazakhstan was informed of the industrial projects implemented in the territory of the free economic zone Pavlodar.

Nursultan Nazarbayev was also presented with samples of manufactured products, including heating radiators, spare parts for cars, wheelsets for railway cars.

In addition, the head of state has attended Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant, which underwent a deep technological modernization. It should be noted a digitalization of production processes was carried out at the Plant within the framework of the Industrialization Map of Kazakhstan.

Nursultan Nazarbayev was informed that the modernization allowed to increase the productivity of the crude oil processing plant and to improve the quality of the oil products to meet the requirements of K-4 and K-5 standards. Newly automated isomerization complexes and sulfur production facilities have been built, which are managed from a central control point.

The head of state pointed out that in conditions of increasing oil production in Kazakhstan it is necessary to increase its deep processing with the release of more finished products that meet international standards for deliveries to domestic and foreign markets.

Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that, despite the modernization of the three existing oil refineries in the country, there is a need for the construction of the fourth.

Addressing the young workers of the enterprise, the President reminded that Pavlodar Oil Refinery is the last plant built in the Soviet Union, which was equipped with advanced equipment for that time.

"You work in the most modern factory, where the digitalization of production and the introduction of new technologies are in full swing." The demand for the products you produce increases, and accordingly your incomes grow, "the head of state said.

Young specialists, in turn, thanked the President of Kazakhstan for the opportunity to get an education in the best universities in the world under the Bolashak program and apply their knowledge in practice.

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