Woman from Aktobe is judged for selling child

06 April, 2017, 16:49 373
Woman from Aktobe is judged for selling child

The trial of woman from Aktobe for selling her own son started, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

Zhanna Akalasova sold the newborn son for 60,000 tenge. Her friend helped her to find a buyer. She has become a mature woman who has decided to buy a child for the childless families of her daughter. The woman judged claims that decided to take this step because of despair. She had no house, no work. The child's father left her, as soon as he knew about her pregnancy, and to bring a child in single-parent family or orphanage Zhanna did not want.

"I didn't know what to do. I grew up in single-parent family and do not want such fate for her son. At first time I wanted to give away the child temporarily in the orphanage.  But my girlfriend Danagul Utesheva persuaded me to give the child to a good family for the upbringing. So, I agreed",  Zhanna Akalasova said.

After the deal, woman whom accommodation she rented. The owner persuaded her to return the child and promised to help with registration. But the seller and the buyers refused. Then Zhanna adreesed to the police. However, instead of the child she faces jail term. The buyer and broker also can be judged.

"It was not my malice in selling a child. The adoptive parents themselves gave me 60,000 tenge as thanks. I have not refused, because needed money. I went to the police because I want to return the child", Zhanna Akalasova said.

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