World photographers’ view of Astana

09 July, 2018, 15:40 3177
World photographers’ view of Astana

In general, photographers choose four themes concerning the life of the Kazakh capital. During three days they will take photos of interesting sites and facilities to present them at the festival. -2018 international exhibition will be held July 10-30 in Astana. It is expected 17 world-known photographers of Japan, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan will partake in the event, correspondent informs.

Participants from Azerbaijan and Russia told about their work, about participation in this festival and shared what surprised them in Astana.

Azerbaijani photographer Sitara Ibragimova, who is engaged in a documentary photograph, which reflects the real life came to Astana for the first time  and shared how difficult it was to participate in this festival.

“We have started to work on July 4. Within three days we have to familiarize with Astana. It was difficult for me as I work on one theme for six months or even year. In Astana, on the contrary, we have to work as fast as possible. Each photographer should choose four themes from the list. As for me, I chose themes related to the birth rate, Astana’s night, spiritual and multinational capital,” Sitara Inragimova shared.

According to her, photojournalism in Azerbaijan, just like in Kazakhstan, is just beginning to develop. In addition, the Azerbaijani photog listed things which impressed her in the capital of Kazakhstan. “I was surprised by the quality of the bridal pares, as I was explained there is a wedding season. Another thing is no animals and one more surprise is trilingual sign-boards,” Sitara added.

The photog said the key theme of her activity is women and their rights. In this regard, she took photos of the mosque, Astana Opera Ballet theatre building, a maternity clinic and clubs. In her words, Astana itself is a unique city. People living here are positive and welcoming. Kazakhstan’s capital has a vast potential and it will do great.

One more participant of the international exhibition is Russian photog Yelena Boldyreva.

“I had visited Kazakhstan being a child and nowadays I’m waiting for impressions and emotions of seeing one of the most interesting sites on the post-Soviet space. Kazakhstan’s dynamic development is a remarkable thing. We are in the city which was built from scratch! It is amazing!. I say 'thank you' for the invitation to the international forum,” the photog announced.

Besides, Yelena told about genres and styles which she used to show their feelings and emotions. It’s not a comfort, photojournalism is hardly comfortable sphere due to conditions of work and locality of the shooting object. However, the main thing for me was the reportage picture. It is the reportage photograph that later becomes historical, enters the archives, surprises and informs the descendants. In general, I like to shoot people in different situations. Man is the most interesting phenomenon. He - the basis of my genre, "   Yelena explained.

The Russian photographer congratulated the capital and its citizens and guests on the 20th anniversary and wished prosperity. According to her, the population, not the walls make the image of the city.  Welcoming and transparency is a formula to success in the 21st century. Yelena believes the festival’s participants will take away from Astana the kindest impressions with which they will share with their compatriots. This is always the best recommendation.

It should be noted the official opening of the international exhibition will take place July 10 Nurly Zhol avenue.