Yandex reveals number one FIFA World Cup’s player by Kazakhstanis

18 July, 2018, 10:57 226
Yandex reveals number one FIFA World Cup’s player by Kazakhstanis

The name of the most popular football player is Cristiano Ronaldo

Yandex analysts found out which football players and matches were most watched by Kazakhstan fans at the World Cup 2018, reports referring to the company's press service.

The search requests of Kazakhstan users during the period of the championship from June 14 to July 15 inclusive were taken for this purpose.

Cristiano Ronaldo tops the list. The second is Lionel Messi. By the way, the Kazakhstani users search for information about the captain of the national team of Argentina, the widow is less likely than about the captain of the Portuguese national team. Neymar closes the top three most popular players of the last championship.

It is an interesting fact, four Russian footballers, Akinfeyev, Dzuba, Cheryshev, Fernandes.

in terms of the number of queries, the match of the quarterfinals Russia – Croatia is the first one. The match 1/8 championship Spain – Russia took the second positions. The match of the group stage between Russia and Uruguay – is the third. Final of the championship - the match France - Croatia took the 4th place in the number of requests. All five matches of the Russian national team in this championship were in the top 10 most popular.