In Kazakhstan, primary health care will be developed

13 April, 2018, 12:32 2859
In Kazakhstan, primary health care will be developed

The concept of development of primary health care as part of the National Plan – 100 specific steps was developed.  

The round table on the development of primary health care (PHC) was held at the Moscow polyclinic No.9. Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yelzhan Birtanov spoke about the modernization of PHC with the purpose of strengthening the health of Kazakhstan people, reports.

The main directions of the development of PHC are based on the implementation of the 80th Step of the National Plan - 100 concrete steps by the head of state "Introduction of obligatory social health insurance". Strengthening financial sustainability of the healthcare system on the basis of the principle of joint responsibility of the state, employers and citizens. Priority financing of primary health care will be the central link of national healthcare for prevention and early fight against diseases."

"Many basic things are laid down in the state program, the development of healthcare primarily means the modernization of primary health care on the basis of the development of family medicine, a review of the functionality in the direction of unloading doctors, bringing the burden on doctors to one and a half thousand attached population. But, a particularly important area is the strengthening the prevention of management of chronic diseases, which today is the biggest problem for the health of Kazakhstan citizens, and the head of state instructed to review the work, and to move from passive. Ineffective clinical to examination further implementation of the disease management program," said Yelzhan Birtanov.

He noted that the program was introduced in 2014-2015 in a pilot mode. In 2016-2017, it covered all regions of the country, but, as was noted by the Minister, the coverage of the population is very low.

"If the program shows such efficiency in terms of reducing diseases, then, of course, the task should be to introduce standard PHC activities, and we presume the active use of information technologies. Yesterday, on the digitization commission under the President we delivered a report and the concept and Roadmap "Digitization of Healthcare" were approved, one of the directions is the digitalization of the disease management program, which will allow us to substantially reduce the work of the medical staff employees at the primary level," said Birtanov.

According to Timur Sultangaziyev, Director of the Project Management Department of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the concept on the development of PHC in Kazakhstan was developed with the participation of experts in primary health care, PHC and government organizations, and with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO).

"In general, as part of the development of the concept the following key PHC problems in Kazakhstan, such as uneven access to PHC services, dissatisfaction of the population, non-involvement of the population in managing their health, fragmentation of PHC, that is, different directions, excessive consumption of services by narrowly specialized specialists were defined. The questions of lack of prevention, low level of qualifications of primary health care workers remain. Within the framework of the concept, the primary goal was to modernize PHC to improve the health of Kazakhstan people with the involvement of the population in the management of their health," said Sultangaziyev.

The main tasks for the development of primary health care were identified by the director of the department as the creation of an integrated PHC system oriented to the needs of the population; improving universal coverage of PHC services and ensuring equal access; increasing the population's interest in prevention, screening and early intervention; integrated strengthening of the leading role and potential of PHC, as well as digitalization of primary health care, oriented to the needs of the population.

“This structure should be supported by the appropriate legal and regulatory framework and appropriate, adequate funding. The principles of PHC focus on people, accessibility, universality, confidentiality, comprehensiveness, inclusiveness, problematic focus, coordination, continuity and integrated representation of health services," said Timur Sultangaziyev.

Primary health care functions are health care through health improvement, prevention, early detection, health promotion, previous intervention in the disease, medical care and disease management. According to the representative of the Ministry of Healthcare, this model should be provided by a multidisciplinary team of PHC.

During the meeting, it was also proposed to make changes in the form of medical care.

"PHC is the place of the first access of healthcare oriented to the needs of the population, including prevention, treatment of diseases or injuries, as well as diagnostics of management of various diseases. Within the regulatory framework, the PHC team should include a family doctor, family nurse, midwife, worker and psychologist," said Timur Sultangaziyev.