Allergy Myths: What beliefs are to be believed?

09 August, 2018, 16:28 5372
Allergy Myths: What beliefs are to be believed?

It is known anyone can to come down with allergic disease notwithstanding the age.  And the potential allergic can feel the symptoms of this ailment during the allergy season exactly.

Each time that August comes, some allergy patients note exacerbation of seasonal allergy. In this period, relatives and friends of the patient begin to bother with their advice and stories about the facts of this ailment. correspondent with the help of the allergologist of the Medical Centre Hospital of the President's Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan Botagoz Davletova tried to find out what beliefs are to be believed, and what not to pay attention to.

There is no cure for allergy.

It is not true.  In words of allergologist, Botagoz Davletova modern world provides remedies for getting rid of some types of the disease.

It is known the winter is the best period to cure domestic and pollen allergy. By the way, you have a chance to get rid of this disease for 10-15 years. For this purpose, the patients are to undergo a cure cycle within 35 years.

Allergy is caused only by external factors.

It is not true. Allergy disease is caused due to both internal and external factors. For example, pollen, dust, house plants, food products are external (exogenous). And internal are called, as endogenous. According to the doctor, in these cases, viruses, bacteria living in the human body, become a direct source of the disease.

People die from allergy.

It is true. Sometimes anaphylactic shock and angioedema when respiratory swell or pressure drops or the heart rhythm is disturbed kill allergy patients. Various foods, medicines, insect bites, etc. can provoke such an acute reaction.

The reason of allergy is unhygienic conditions

It is not true. In fact, the true cause of the allergy is not yet revealed. There are a lot of reasons that can lead to the development of allergy - a genetic predisposition, external and internal factors, a person's attitude to life - psychosomatics also has great significance, the mode of life.

Raining is going easy on allergy patients.

It is true. The pollen has large volatile properties and due to its size, it quickly spreads over long distances. And the rain, in turn, lays the pollen to the ground and accordingly the concentration of pollen in the air becomes less. Then allergy feels relieved. But there are those who have an allergy to dampness. Then it gets worse in rainy weather.

Medication - as a last resort.  

It is not true. Do not bring the allergy to an extreme. Today there are a lot of safe means that will not allow the disease to reach serious forms.

Allergologist Botagoz Davletova strongly advises patients not to engage in self-treatment, and immediately seek to a medical attention. According to her, preparations for allergies are strictly appointed by a specialist. After all, in case of incorrect application of a given medicine, the patient has a risk only to aggravate his situation.

A special diet contributes the allergy symptoms’ relief  

It is true. There is a list of foods that need to be excluded with this or that kind of allergy because the use of certain foods will strengthen the symptom. In general, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle will help to transfer the allergy more easily.

It is noteworthy that within the period of the seasonal allergy you are not to drink coffee, eat chocolate, nuts, honey, citrus fruits, fish, etc. Since these products are highly allergenic.

Cleansing the body helps to get rid of allergies for good

It is not true.  The cleansing of the body helps just to relieve the symptoms of allergy.

Allergy is the result of poor heredity

It is not true. Just predisposition to allergy is hereditary. For example, if your mother had an allergy to an orange, this does not mean that you will have a reaction to this fruit. You will simply be predisposed to allergy but this disease may not be realized in you.

The more expensive the drug, the more effective it is

It is true. When the original drug appears, and the pharmaceutical company invents and releases it, then for five years no one can release this molecule. And as a rule, the price for this original drug will be higher. Accordingly, the cost will affect the quality of the product.

Isolation helps overcome allergy

It is true. If the patient restricts contact with the suspected allergen, then, of course, allergy symptoms will less disturb him. However, in a case when the allergy patient does not manage to limit his stay in the fresh air, Botagoz Davletova recommends using mechanical means of protection: headgear, glasses, and masks.

Allergy can injure health badly  

It is true. Allergy is not such a simple disease as many suggest. If you do not treat and neglect an allergy, then it can further seriously damage your health. Thus allergy can lead to asthma, lead to chronic coughs, problems with the cardiovascular system.

The number of allergy patients will grow

It is true. The number of people suffering from an allergy is increasing every day for the last time. And according to experts, their number will grow steadily. In the opinion of Botagoz Davletova, the abundance of household chemicals that we use, varied food, year-round access to exotic fruits - all this changes the reaction of our body to external influences, and consequently, there are some disruptions in the human body. However, the causative agents of the disease can become existing foci of infection and hormonal failures.

Life hacks from the doctor. How can you alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies?

- Go through the diagnostics to determine your allergen - avoid contact with it;

- Use sunglasses, masks, and headdresses while pollen allergies during the flowering period. Returning  from the street, take a shower and change clothes;

- Try not to go out from 12 pm to 6 pm;

- Plant-based preparations, nutritional supplements, cosmetic products containing pollen and plant extracts can also cause you to be allergic, so it is worthwhile to exclude them;

- Limit staying on the street in dry, hot or windy weather;

- Make sure that the house was clean, there was no dust, fluff, and ticks. Use a gauze bandage And while vacuum, knocking out the dust from the furniture, changing the bed linen or contacting  with dusty objects;

- Close the windows and turn on the air conditioner in the rooms and humidify the air.

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