EXPO 2017. Where to take a selfie in Astana?

09 June, 2017, 10:19 2993
EXPO 2017. Where to take a selfie in Astana?

A specialized international exhibition of the EXPO 2017 will start soon. Bnews.kz correspondents already told the readers about useful and pleasant changes in the capital. City authorities continue to direct a luster on streets of the capital, "green" technologies have been established for convenience of citizens, trees and flowers have been planted, the old station have been put in order. 

And today we will show what flower installations have been established on streets of Astana. Compositions already have managed to become a new background for selfiman. On the street of Abay at the Ministry of Finance the coin in 100 tenge "has been grown".

The huge bouquet of flowers issued in a festive box has been expanded across the road.

At the Ministry of Agriculture the vehicle with vegetables and fruit symbolically settled down.

On the Respublica ave. there "is" a caravan of snails, in network have even joked that snails bear the girl's dowry. Near them - the accompanying musicians.

Probabbly, flower compositions will please citizens and guests of the capital. Installations have added beauty of the city, have made Astana even more beautiful and bright.


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