EXPO today: A gardening fair, Cirque du Soleil and Show on the Sphere

16 June, 2017, 10:46 3725
EXPO today: A gardening fair, Cirque du Soleil and Show on the Sphere

Today  World fair of gardening of Beijing of 2019 will be presented at Astana EXPO 2017 exhibition. In more detail about it and what other interesting and useful things can be learned in the seventh day of the exposition, read in the BNews.kz material.

Today the Beijing week at the Astana EXPO 2017 exhibition where World fair of gardening of Beijing of 2019 will be presented begins. Nine ecopanels and mascots in the form of a bud and a sprout will be present at this project. A mascot in the form of a sprout Beijing 2019 will tell a story of World fair of gardening and will greet song of people of all countries to visit his house to enjoy green life and the beautiful house.

At 11:00 am in the National pavilion of Russia the International conference "New power: investments and partnership" will begin. Here it is planned to discuss transformations in new power, to sound key changes and questions of global power balance, to consider experience of various countries in the field of development of new power. Participants also plan to find answers to questions of what will be structure of the energy sector in the near future? Whether the century of hydrocarbons comes to an end? What prospects of nuclear power in the world? Whether renewables without the state support and subsidies are competitive?

Everybody who is interested in discussion of these problems, can participate in this conference – a free admission on condition of existence of the entrance ticket for the EXPO.

What concerts, exhibitions and performances it is possible to watch today

Today in the special pavilion the long-awaited premiere of an exclusive show of Cirque du Soleil "REFLEKT" which is developed especially for EXPO 2017 will be held. 38 people participate in the performance, and also elements of the Kazakh national culture are used in the show. For three months the Cirque du Soleil will give 71 performances and it will be possible to see them only in Astana.

At 7:00 pm in SATOB "Astana Opera" a concert from the cycle "Round the World with Kazakhkvartety" of the State string quartet of G. Zhubanova will take place. Legendary domestic string collective under the leadership of the honored worker of Kazakhstan Ernar Myntayev has already subdued world audience, appearing on the best foreign stages, has been conferred an award from hands of the Queen of Spain.

In the same time in SARDT named after M. Gorky it will be possible to look at the performance "The Person in a Case" of the St. Petersburg Theatre for Young Audience of A. A. Bryantsev which takes place within the International theater festival "Sakhnadan Salem".

In the Palace of Zhastar at 7:00 pm the leading soloists of the State opera and ballet theater "Astana Opera" together with Variety and symphonic orchestra "Astana", under control of Alexander Ablayev, will submit the concert program "Give Me the Music Back".

And in the National and cultural Etnoaul complex (the Hippodrome "Kazanat") the competition of traditional performers of Kurmangaza will take place republican. A main objective of a competition is increase in skill of talented youth, promotion of rich cultural musical heritage of the Kazakh people.

And today it is necessary to go to the National museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan to look at masterpieces of world culture. In the museum there take place exhibitions: "In search of Shambhala: masterpieces from the New and Yorsky Museum of Nikolay Roerich", "Masterpieces of the Russian art from private collections of the USA" where 35 works are submitted, among them - work of the world famous marine painter Ayvazovsky, outstanding portraitists of the 19th century Makovsky, Kharlamov, Shukhayev, avant-gardists Burliuk, Larionov, Goncharova, Exter, the brightest representative of the Russian impressionism Korovin. And two more exhibitions also deserve attention - Terracotta army of the Emperor Qin Shihuangdi and "Sultan Beybars and his era" which will acquaint visitors with life and history of government of the mamlyuksky sultan of Egypt and Syria.

In the territory of an exhibition of the EXPO the traditional evening parade will begin at 9:40 pm, and at 10:50 pm everyone will be able to look at an evening show on the Sphere.

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