EXPO today: National day of Chile, week of the steady cities and happy people of Live

02 August, 2017, 10:38 5904
EXPO today: National day of Chile, week of the steady cities and happy people of Live

At the international EXPO 2017 exposition, celebration of national day of Chile today will take place. In more detail about it and also about other interesting events of the fifty fourth day of holding the exposition, read in the BNews.kz material.

At 11:00 am celebration of national day of Chile will be opened. After an official part of the opening ceremony all attendees will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the folklore ballet of Chile – Tupa Marka. With the help of modern technologies, on the stage various landscapes from all corners of Chile will be projected and together with talented musicians and dancers of group all this will be transformed to a remarkable show. The colourful parade to the Latin American pavilion will finish this representation.

At 5:00 pm the seminar on a subject "The power forecast of Chile: investment opportunities (Chile - Kazakhstan)" in Club of Commissioners will take place (World EXPO Commissioners Club C3.6 – the 3rd floor). At a seminar the Chilean and Kazakhstan businessmen will take part.

At 10:30 am in a conference room of the pavilion of Malaysia Week Steady Cities within whom there will take place the session on the subject "Construction of the Cities and Settlements, Safe, Steady, Convenient for Life" will be opened.

In Astana Ballet theater a concert of the state brass band will be held at 7:00 pm. The artistic director and the chief conductor of collective - the honored worker of Kazakhstan, professor Kanat Akhmetov. Conductor of the State brass band honored worker of Kazakhstan Alexander Belyakov.

In Astana Music Hall in the same time the musical theatrical performance in style of cabaret - "Happy people of Live" of the British Invisible Flock group will be held.

In SATOB "Astana Opera" musical vacation in "Astana opera" will take place. They will be seen off by talented Kazakhstan students who study in prestigious educational institutions abroad: The Salzburg conservatory Mozarteum in Austria, the Moscow State Conservatory of P. Tchaikovsky, Conservatory of J. Verdi (Turin, Italy), Boyer college of music and dance of Temple University in Philadelphia (USA). Beginning at 7:00 pm.

At 8:00pm in the territory of the EXPO there will take place the show of Cirque du Soleil in which visitors will plunge into the thought-up world where long ago the forgotten past faces the technological present, carrying away in the grandiose acrobatic and visual travel which is specially created for EXPO2017.


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