EXPO today: National day of France, education in Latvia and a decanter

21 June, 2017, 10:34 4622
EXPO today: National day of France, education in Latvia and a decanter

At the international EXPO 2017 exhibition national day of France will be celebrated today. About it and many other interesting events of the exhibition, read in the BNews.kz material.

At 10:00 am the ceremony opening of national day of France will begin.

The vice-president of the Senate Hervé Marseille, the ambassador of France in Kazakhstan Fransis Etienne, the general commissioner of the pavilion of France EXPO-2017 Pascal Lorot and many other officials will participate in the event.

Within national day of France the highly topical cultural program is expected. The first national center of the song Hall de la chanson will present the performance "Padam, Paname". The Boudoir duet (the singer of Armelle Yons and the contrabass player Rémi Auclair) will play French retrosongs of the 1910-60th. The quartet from Brittany - Keili Group consisting of 4 world famous musicians will reveal various parties of the Breton culture: the past and the present, traditions and present, melodies and dances. The group from the Pyrenees - Eths de Bigorre will also show the musical program. Besides the French collectives the performance of Tolkyn Zabirova and students of the Kazakh national university of arts is expected. The symphony concert in CCH "Kazakhstan" will become deification of day.

In the pavilion of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the presentation of phenomenal material – a decanter will take place at 2:00 pm. Grafen is the thinnest, strongest and light material ever discovered by people. It has been opened in 2004 by two scientists of Manchester University. In 2010 the opening has been conferred the Nobel Prize on physics. Today, scientists open all new properties of this miracle material worldwide. Grafen has high electric conductance that allows to help evident saving of the electric power. Also it is the tremendous filter both water and air. Today it is known that using a decanter it is possible to purify water of any, even oil pollution, besides having passed salty water via the graphene filter, it is possible to receive clear, drinking water.

In the pavilion of Latvia at 2:00 pm there will take place the meeting at the Round table during which the last achievements in the field of the higher education of Latvia and results of advance in the current bilateral cooperation of Latvia with Kazakhstan will be shown, in particular, the program of the European Union "Erasmus+". Also questions of mutual recognition of diplomas, cooperation with Kazakhstan within ENIC/NARIC and Bologna Process will be discussed. 

Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia and the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan, the director of the Center of the Academic information of "Study in Latvia", and also the vice-president of the center of the international programs Bolashak, and the president of the Independent Kazakhstan center of a quality assurance of education will take part in it. 

Also tonight at 7:00 pm in the pavilion of Italy unique representation - the performance "To Be Leonardo Da Vinci, an Impossible Interview" will take place. The theatrical performance created by the Italian actor will present history of real life of the artist. The performance will take place in the mode of an interview during which Leonardo will answer questions of his childhood, civil and military activity, of how to become "the good artist", about communication between painting and science, painting and a sculpture, painting and music. In the monolog the great artist will touch upon a subject of water, fashion of the time, will answer to the attacks of the enemies, will explain rushes of soul and, eventually, will give sayings and aphorisms about modern life.


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