EXPO today. What is worth paying attention to

13 June, 2017, 10:22 1995
EXPO today. What is worth paying attention to

The fourth day of the International EXPO 2017 exhibition will be not less interesting and saturated, than the last three days. Where to go to, what to look at, what theatrical and concert venues of the city to visit, what exhibitions can't be missed, read in the BNews.kz material.

At 10:00 am the official ceremony of celebration of "Day of the UN" will be opened. The pavilion of the United Nations in the territory of an exhibition was opened one of the first. Its subject - "Energy for sustainable development". Here exhibits on oasitic irrigation which are urgent for droughty regions, and also an example of small state district power plant for small points and remote from highways are presented. Such state district power plants are established in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. 

Also there will take place the presentation of the pavilion of France in the morning. What was brought in an exhibition by the homeland of musketeers, wine, spirits and the Eiffel Tower it will be possible to learn, having been in time by 11:00 am on opening of the French pavilion.

After a lunch, at 3:00 pm Astana citizens, guests of the capital, tourists will be able to visit the opening of the pavilion of Georgia in more detail to get acquainted with achievements of this beautiful country.

And interesting also the entertainment program on various platforms of Astana will be various today.

In the Hall of energy in the territory of an exhibition a concert of the Kazakh state academic orchestra of national tools of Kurmangazy will begin at 7:30 pm. The orchestra will acquaint guests of an exhibition with unique national tools and melodies of steppes, stars of the Kazakhstan folklore and the master of vocal art will take part in it.

At 9:00 pm in the Amphitheater of the International exhibition there will take place a concert of music television channel MTV.

At 9:30 pm in the Amphitheater it will also be possible to watch the show "Symphony of the Great Steppe". It is the musical and choreographic statement devoted to various historical milestones.

On the stage of SARDT named after M. Gorky the performance, within the International theater festival "Sakhnadan Salem" which has opened yesterday will begin at 7:00 pm a performance "Mankrut. Eternal slave". 

In the same time on the stage of Astana Ballet theater, the orchestra will present a series of concerts "From the Kazakh kuyu to world classics", "Music of people of the world", "Melodies of the great steppe". Works of the Kazakh and world composers will be played.

Also today at 7:30 pm in the concert hall "Astana" a concert "Music – light of my soul" Sayeeda Kalykova together with Symphonic orchestra of the State academic philharmonic hall of mayor office of the city of Astana will take place (the artistic director – Berik Batyrkhan, the chief conductor – Ernar Nurtazin).

And today by all means it is necessary to go to the National museum of Kazakhstan to an exhibition of Terracotta army of the Emperor Qin Shihuangdi. This masterpiece of world art which in 1987 is included in the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO is for the first time exposed in Astana. The exhibition has opened on June 9 and to last till September 10.

In the same museum it will be possible to visit also the international exhibition "Bridges of Eurasia — Bridges of the World" of the world famous Italian glass blower Pino Signoretto and the artist on a list on glass George Spezzamonti, the creative artist Svetlana Costa, the American glass blower Carina Cecilia, the Kazakhstan fashion designer, the founder of Neo-folklore style Aydarkhan Kaliyev.

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