Global synergy: Turkey presented its pavilion on the EXPO

07 June, 2017, 13:38 1536
Global synergy: Turkey presented its pavilion on the EXPO

Yesterday Turkey presented the pavilion on EXPO 2017. The subject and the concept of the pavilion is "Global Interaction for Steady Power", and total area makes 1000 cubic meters. Vice-Minister of Economics of Turkey Fatih Metin told about features of the Turkish pavilion, correspondent reported.

"The exhibition will last 3 months, throughout this time from Turkey to Kazakhstan there will come the various delegations. The exhibition will be attended vice-prime minister and the Minister of Economics of Turkey. Among delegations there will be also sales representatives and investors who will arrive for strengthening of further interaction between Kazakhstan and Turkey," vice-Minister of Economics of Turkey Fatih Metin told.

The subject and the concept of the pavilion of Turkey are "Global interaction for steady power". The symbiosis of the sun and a sunflower symbolizing the world source of net energy became a basis of composition of a logo of the Turkish pavilion

"In August of last year Turkey has made the official statement for participation in an exhibition. After that, we hsd a question, what subject to choose for our pavilion. As the international exhibition takes place under the name "Future Energy", we have chosen the subject "Global Interaction for Steady Power" the commissioner of Turkey, the deputy minister of economy of Turkey Mr. Taryk Sonmez told.

According to T. Sonmez in order that Turkey could declare that it is an important part of global synergy, they have chosen as the reference point service to people, the movement to the humane purposes and protection of society.

The area of the Turkish pavilion makes about 1000 cubic meters. Near the Turkish pavilion, pavilions of Thailand, Jordan and Azerbaijan are located.

"For Kazakhstan it is very important to hold such event on the 26th year of the independence. When Nursultan Nazarbayev has offered participation in an exhibition, Turkey, without deliberating has accepted this offer," Metin noted.


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