How many guests the capital public catering will be able to feed during the EXPO?

26 May, 2017, 15:26 1764
How many guests the capital public catering will be able to feed during the EXPO?

On the eve of carrying out the EXPO authorities of the capital have made the list of the catering services of the city recommended for visit by guests and delegations, reported with reference to the media center of capital mayor office.

"It is 273 restaurants on 80 thousand seats, 460 cafes on 23 thousand seats, 27 dining rooms on 3 thousand seats. Besides, at shopping centers 112 objects of food are available. Proceeding from total, objects of public catering, there are about 106 thousand seats now," head of the municipal government of business and the industry Rysgul Kaugabayevahas told the correspondent, having reminded that together with the Astana EXPO 2017 national company the program of partnership Recommended by EXPO 2017 is implemented by the city authorities.

The program purpose – improvement of quality of the provided tourist services for a meeting of guests of the forthcoming international EXPO 2017 exhibition.

"Others have taken active part of hotel, hostels, objects of public catering, transport companies, beauty shops in the program also. Trade pavilions, restaurants at capital hotels became participants of the program also. After application experts carried out an assessment of level of these enterprises. At implementation of all requirements the enterprise was given the statuses: "The gold partner of the city of Astana", "The silver partner", "The bronze partner" or "The partner of the city of Astana" R. Kaugabayeva noted.

By results of an assessment of level of the provided service by partners of the program there were 33 restaurants, four coffee houses, ten grill bars, three objects of a fast food, one collection of wines and one stake house.

"Owners of a rank of the partner can place the Recommended by EXPO 2017 logo in information, advertizing materials for tourists, on signs. It will allow them to increase the number of potential clients and to prove the faultlessness," R. Kaugabayeva emphasized.

Earlier capital mayor office has developed the road map on preparation and holding the EXPO exhibition. Within the card work on drawing up passports of objects of public catering, hotel with the indication of requisites, quantities of seats of VIP-halls, development of the trilingual menu in points of public catering, additional installation of POS terminals is carried out.

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