Number of the international agreements and memorandums in the field of RES signed in Astana

21 June, 2017, 14:33 4806
Number of the international agreements and memorandums in the field of RES signed in Astana

Today in the Government house in the presence of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev the ceremony of signing of a number of important international agreements and memorandums between the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, financial institutions and investors in the field of power and renewables were held, correspondent reported.

In particular, the memorandum of understanding concerning cooperation and support of the development of the use of renewables in the Republic of Kazakhstan between the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is signed. The financial institution undertakes to allocate to 250 million US dollars for the RES projects with attraction in addition 480 million dollars from other international financial institutions. As a result, there will be an opportunity to finance more than 500 MW of capacities of RES in Kazakhstan.

"Today very important agreements connected with renewable sources of the electric power in the run-up to the meeting of the council of foreign investors are signed. The government and ME actively worked last year on them. We have signed the framework agreement that they will allocate at the expense of means of global climatic fund 200 million dollars for construction of solar and wind stations in Kazakhstan with the European bank. Due to attraction of 200 million dollars it is possible to attract in addition 480 other financial institutions, that is these are in general 680 million dollars that 500 megawatts of solar and wind capacities in Kazakhstan will give the chance in the next 2-3 years till 2020 to enter," Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Kanat Bozumbayev told.

The memorandum of understanding and cooperation in implementation of projects on use of renewables between the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, ENI and General Electric is also signed.

In addition, the agreement on financing of the project "Construction of wind power station "Astana EHRO-2017" of 100 MW in the Akmola region between Green Energy LLP, Development bank of Kazakhstan and JSC BRK-Leasing is signed.

Besides, the United Green companies and "Baikonur Solar" have signed the mandatory letter with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on construction of solar power station in the 50 MW Kyzylorda region.

"We have signed agreements somewhere on more than 700 megawatts of renewable capacities today. For the last only 300 megawatts have entered few years into Kazakhstan, for the last year only 150 megawatts have been entered. We owe these agreements to realize that 3% of all electric power by 2020 were from RES, it is that indicator which was approved by the Head of state in the concept of development of green economy," the head of department added.

We will note that in Kazakhstan, 50 wind, solar and 300 MW hydroelectric power stations which develop 930 million kWh of the electric power a year work. All above-mentioned projects are carried out within implementation of the concept on transition of the Republic of Kazakhstan to "green economy".

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