Expert tells about features of new President`s special statement

Expert tells about features of new President`s special statement

31 January, 17:20 242 Astana
Expert tells about features of new President`s special statement

Today the complete text of Kazakhstan President`s Special Statement 2017 Nursultan Nazarbayev is published in which the Head of state emphasized the fundamental features of development of the state for the next years, reports.

"The main feature of the President's special statement, in my opinion, is based on social responsibility. If we say that we shall hold the level of social development on support of motherhood, provision of pensions, raising them for 20%, then the government shall work on development of various industries of economy. Money for social block is created at the expense of taxes, business and others. Therefore the government for this purpose will develop further not only traditional spheres, but also new industries,” the chairman of the board of national movement Kazakhstan-2050 Muhtar Mankeev noted.

Manshuk Karimova, the expert of institute for system researches Parasat also expressed her opinion about the features of President`s special statement.

"In the address the Head of state announced the beginning of the third stage of modernization of economy. The third stage of modernization is the logical continuation of social and economic and political transformations which are aimed at stable development of Kazakhstan. Within the third stage of modernization, agricultural industry, transport and logistics, the building will become new drivers of economic growth of the country. Following the results of last year at the expense of these industries the growth of economy was 1%. New drivers will create high multiplicative effect on growth of economy and employment of the population.

In general, the third stage of modernization will promote gradual transition of the country to new technological way and high-quality development of economy,” Manshuk Karimov, the expert of institute for system researches Parasat said.

Nailya Almukhamedova, the acting as the head of economic researches department of KazISS, considers that Kazakhstan President's special statement Nursultan Nazarbayev "The third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness" is an important, significant and has strategic nature. As, in case of all complexity of a situation, both in world economy, and in the country the president's special statement is a specific answer to global challenges, and also represents the plan of measures directed to the implementation of the purpose and tasks of Strategy 2050. Transition of Kazakhstan to a new stage of modernization became the main accent of the special statement.

For this purpose within the third stage of modernization the special attention will be paid to increase in competitiveness of economy due to development of a transport and logistic industry, agrarian and industrial complex, the social sphere, improvement of conditions of business. So, decrease in presence of the state at economy by privatization of the entities and growth of a role of a private sector will continue.

The special statement showed the existence of "points" and "engines" of growth which internal potential isn't exhausted and which possibilities are strong for achievement of competitive advantages. At the same time taking into account probable global technological changes the wellbeing of the country will depend on creation of the effective mechanism of innovative speeding up of technological procedures. For this purpose the president charged to the government to develop the strategic plan of development till 2025 the national technological initiative of Kazakhstan,” the acting as the head of economic researches department of KazISS  Nailya Almukhamedova says.

Also Nailya Almukhamedova considers that strengthening of stability of economy will be promoted by synchronous implementation of political modernization, called the power`s redistribution between authorities` branches.

"Proceeding from the special statement, essentially new change of course of the government won't be. The main trend of the last 10 years is kept. On the one hand it is good that the trend remains. On the other hand, even if it remains, the special statement will be the plan of specific actions for a year. The special statement introduced the priorities for 2020. And it makes the mixed feeling. Unfortunately, a subject of an export and social part remained ritual. There was the recommendation on export. There was the social component, but there is nothing essentially new in the new special statement.

Probably, what the special statement didn`t introduce is more important: “guys, we print national fund and we help all.” Relating the bank sphere was introduced the following: It is necessary to provide National Bank with recapitalization by shareholders. I think that tenders were around these moments. There is no idea increasing financing, to make an additional transfer, there is a general address – to cut down expenses, to be optimized,” the economist Aydarkhan Kusainov concluded.