Kazakhstan President's address will be stated in written form

Kazakhstan President's address will be stated in written form

30 January, 21:39 428
Kazakhstan President's address will be stated in written form

Nursultan Nazarbayev told about it in the special statement broadcasted by the republican channels today, BNews.kz correspondents report.

"Tomorrow my annual Address to the people of Kazakhstan will be published. I want to say that, the President can state the Address according to the law  orally or in written form. This year I chose the second method. It presents the vision of further development of the country at a new stage. For quarter of the century we performed two upgrades. The first is a creation of absolutely new state on the principles of market economy. The second upgrade is the implementation of the Strategy 2030 and forming of the capital of our Homeland - Astana. Kazakhstan developed the accelerated rates and was among 50 successful countries," the Head of state noted. 

"The government should work very seriously. So we have  big specific and new objectives, for this purpose there is a kernel, there is a structure, there are ministries, departments which shall assume, and everyone on the place shall provide objectives.

All this will make sustained economic growth in the long term.

The project of political upgrade of the state is recently promulgated, these initiatives supplement each other and serve long-term goals of development of the country.

Only this way we will be able to achieve a main objective of Strategy 2050 - inclusion of Kazakhstan in a top 30 of the most developed countries of the world. The main directions of technological upgrade of our country are these.

I hope that the population, as always, will support the proposed measures, they are offered only for the benefit of the people, only on future development of the country, on prosperity of Kazakhstan," Nursultan Nazarbayev concluded.